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Lore - Tremere

1. Initiate

* The Tremere are an ancient and secret society of sorcerers
* There is a hierarchy within the clan
* They practice a type of magic called Thaumaturgy
* The Tremere are generally distrusted, other clans are paranoid about them

2. Apprentice

* Knows the basics about Path of Blood
* Knows some of the powers Tremere are capable of
* Has heard of the Traditionalist and Transitionalist camps
* There are no Tremere in the Sabbat
* Loyalty to house and clan is everything
* Knows that Tremere follow a Code

3. Senior Apprentice

* Heard the story that Tremere and his companions became vampires through the use of their magic
* Aware Some of the internal politics within the chantry
* Knows some details about the Code
* Knows that other Paths exist (besides Blood)
* A working knowledge of the history of Clan Tremere, as presented in the clanbook
* May have heard of Gargoyles or Homunculi
* Has heard of the Assamite curse

4. Regent

* Rough knowledge about many common (no special approvals) Thaumaturgical Paths and Rituals
* Can identify prominent Traditionalists and Transitionalists
* Some knowledge of the heirarchy, the ranks and Circles of Clan Tremere
* Has heard of secret Societies within the Tremere

5. Lord

* Basic knowledge of what several rare paths and rituals can do
* Something about the causes and forces behind the history of the Tremere
* A great deal about Tremere History, rumors of Saulot
* The prevalence of secret societies, can name a few
* Some knowledge of the House and Clan's affairs in their region
* That those of highest rank do not want to talk about the Salubri, at all behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
Alla likheter med verkliga personer är påhittade.

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