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Lore - Ventrue

1: What a new Ventrue should be able to receive on their first Death Day.

-Have the clan-centric model of understanding of the Clan Principles and Traditions.

-Be able to recite their lineage

-You know that a Ventrue must come to another Ventrue’s assistance if he or she is asked

-A brief summary on how the Ventrue Clan views the other 6 Camarilla Clans, from personal experience, augmented by source provided in the Clan Book about views on the other Clans.

-The belief that the Ventrue are the Clan of Kings, the rightful rulers of the Camarilla, is the most common thought within the Clan.

-The Ventrue have rarefied tastes for vitae, each member of the Clan has a different taste.


 2: What a newly released Ventrue has learned.

- You know the “recommendations”/rules in the clan’s internal Code of Conduct.

-You have heard the term Ventrue-Antitribu.

-You are aware of who your local Ventrue lineages are.

-You know the term Dignitas.

-You know the term and definition of The Agoge.


3: What an up and coming Ventrue comprehends.

-A good working knowledge of Clan Ventrue today.

-You have a basic idea of what groups within Clan Ventrue exist [non-secret societies], and what their goals are.

-You know what the Ventrue-Antitribu are.

-You understand the meaning and worth of Dignitas.

-You are aware of who your local Elders are.


4: What an established Ventrue has overheard during conversations with elders.

-A good working knowledge of the Clan's history from their point of view.

-Rumors that the old ones control the societies through the Elders.

 -You have a good grasp of the Ventrue lineages in Europe, and how much influence the clan has in specific countries and cities.


 5: What a Ventrue scholar may have uncovered in musty archives.

-Has heard some of the legends of the First City- from the Ventrue perspective only.

-Has developed an strong opinion of the current history of the elders in power in relation to their own interactions with them

-Has some inkling of the role the Clan plays in the Jyhad.

-Has created his or her version of the Clan's historical timeline.

-You know the last known locations of some of the 5th generations of the clan. behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
Alla likheter med verkliga personer är påhittade.

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