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Lore - vampyrer (endast ghouls)

What non-Vamps know about the blood-suckers

1. Hardly a clue.

* Vampires are real, lurk in the night, and feed on blood
* They live in cities
* They are pale in complexion
* They may be hurt by fire and sunlight, a stake may paralyze them (but attribute it to possibly just movie myths)
* A lot of false rumors, myths and folklore mixed in (basically, a lot of false or inaccurate information)

2. A little bit of knowledge

* The vampires seem to be organized into groups somehow. (no idea how, though)
* Most major and some small cities have vampires hidden within them
* Vampires actively try to keep their existence hidden
* Some vampires are very old and some very powerful.
* Probably has encountered/spoken with a vampire once or twice
* May have overheard one or two vampire-specific terms--without understanding their meaning
* May have have vague knowledge about one or two single disciplines--e.g. Dread Gaze and Wolf Claws. Note, this will not be detailed knowledge. "He grew claws from his fingers."

3. You've been around

* The two main factions seem to be at war with each other
* They call themselves Kindred
* They claim ancestry from the mythical/biblical Caine
* They are divided into clans by their ancestry. (Know the names of 2-4 of the major clans)
* May know some Kindred specific terms (as words--not by meaning)
* Probably met and talked to several vampires
* May know of some clan advantages/disadvantages, but believes all vampires possess them
* Believes any vampire will possess any power they have ever seen exhibited
* The vampire's power is in the blood
* Vampires can enter into terribly violent frenzies

4. You've studied them

* One sect, called the Camarilla, is based on a feudal model, Another, called the Sabbat, is based on a libertarian/anarch model
* Some vampires do not belong to either sect, they are called Anarchs
* Younger vampires believe that their elders are using them
* It's not the religious symbol, but the faith of the user that counts
* Vampires control many of the workings of the mortal world
* They are able to turn mortals into their slaves, called ghouls
* May be able to name 7-9 clans and give short descriptions (equal to description in main rulebook)
* Knows different clans have different weaknesses and powers (although the combinations are often wrong)
* Knows some Kindred fear the end of the world is coming

5. You're probably a heartbeat away from becoming one....

* Can name the 13 Clans; and knows the main rulebook's descriptions
* Has an understanding of the primary disciplines and what they can do - think general overview.
* May have heard rumors of the clan-specific disciplines
* Has heard of the Book of Nod
* Knows how the Embrace and Blood Bond work
* Gehenna is the night the eldest Vampires will return
* The Jyhad exists
* Rough knowledge of history from the Cainite perspective behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
Alla likheter med verkliga personer är påhittade.

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