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Lore - Giovanni

1. Kissing Cousin

* The Giovanni seem to be distrusted by other vampires
* The Giovanni seem to leave other vampires alone, and vice versa
* The Giovanni can speak to the dead
* Mortals don't have the same reaction from being bit from a Giovanni, compared to other vampires
* All Giovanni seem to be all related either by blood or marriage

2. Rival Sibling

* Giovanni have the Discipline Necromancy, which allows them to speak to and manipulate the dead
* The Giovanni and the Camarilla have an "understanding" called the Promise that keeps you out of each other's face
* You know that the Giovanni clan has other families that claim membership (Milliner, Pisanob)
* The Giovanni is the youngest Clan, but asking about it might be a bad idea.
* The Giovanni embrace usually from within their own families, often existing as long term ghouls before the embrace

3. Black Sheep Uncle

* The Treaty of 1528 'Promises' that the Giovanni will not interfere in any Kindred affairs
* The Giovanni Clan Head is Augustus Giovanni, who should not be talked about
* You have heard of the Path of Bones, and may be on the Path yourself
* Understands the Proxy Kiss and familial relationships
* Familiar with the Clan Hierarchy of Don - Consigliare - Primo Consigliere - Bruglione - Augustus

4. Matriarch

* There's a rumor that Augustus diablerized his way to the top in the Dark Ages
* You can identify the necromantic paths practiced by the Giovanni
* You know about the relationship between Giovanni (necromancers) and Wraiths
* You've heard that some Giovanni practice Spirit Thaumaturgy

5. Patriarch

* You have heard rumors of other practicioners of Necromancy, Samedi, Harbringers
* You know that is has been rumored that the Clan the Giovanni eliminated were the Cappadoacians
* You know the specifics of the "Promise"
* You know most of the rituals and effects the Giovanni are capable of behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
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