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Lore - Gangrel

1. Babe in the Woods

* You know that Gangrel are often viewed as outsiders and wanderers
* You know that they are somewhat animalistic and sometimes bear animal features
* You know that they can communicate with animals and shapeshift
* You know that Gangrel history is a verbal history, and they exchange stories

2. Fledgling

* You know that Gangrel often come together in large events called "Gathers" where they exchange stories
* You know that werewolves and gypsies tend to tolerate Gangrel more than other clans
* You know that Protean is a unique gangrel discipline and allows them to grow claws and turn into a wolf
* You know that when Gangrel frenzy, they become more animalistic
* You are aware that the Gangrel split from the Camarilla recently

3. Wanderer

* You know that gangrel often let their childer on their own to learn, but follow and mentor them
* You have heard of a different bloodline of Gangrel, called City Gangrel and they associate with the Sabbat
* You know that mythology states that Ennoia was the mother of the clan, but are aware that many myths exist within the clan's oral tradition
* You are aware that since the Gangrel left the camarilla it is now split into two factions, those that follow Xaviar, and those that follow Karsh

4. Explorer

* You know that Protean can produce different forms (aside from the common wolf form)
* You are familiar with the myth of Lilith
* You know the myths of Ennoia and Enoch
* You know that many Gangrel retain positions in the Camarilla

5. Trailblazer

* You know of the rumors of Ennoia in Australia
* You know that the the Sabbat have two different types of Gangrel - city and country
* You know that non clan members that learn protean, never develop a form different from the wolf form
* You have listened to many of the stories gangrel tell and can recognize artistic embellishments
* You've heard of other possible Gangrel bloodlines
* You have a large knowledge base of the many gangrel myth behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
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