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Lore - Malkavian

1. Basic Reflection:

* All Malkavians are incurably insane
* It's observed that they execute pranks on others, presumably for amusement.
* The Malkavian in-clan disciplines are Auspex, Obfuscate, and Dementation
* They always seem to know what other Malkavians know.
* Many Malkavians possess strange (and accurate) insights and oracular ability

2. Beginnings of knowledge:

* Many Malkavians regard insanity as a way of life, not a curse.
* Pranks are often a way of teaching others.
* Who the most famous Malkavians are.
* What Dementation is, what it does, and that it was spread to the clan relatively recently

3. Approaching comprehension:

* The clan has no real structure- or if it does, it changes so rapidly as to be incomprehensible.
* The Malkavians are virtually impossible to infiltrate.
* May have heard a few common Malkavian myths such as the Cain and Abel story and the Elephant story.
* They have some kind of large-scale mystical communication network, although details are unknown.
* The presence of the Gnawed.

4. Hints of the spreading cracks:

* The antitribu, who have the power of Dementation, may have spread it to the rest of the Clan.
* Rumors to the effect that Fae are somehow involved with them.
* Dementation was a normal Malkavian power in ancient times.
* The historical roles of Malkavians in various eras.
* Hints of why the Gnawed exist, possible Gehenna context

5. Enlightened:

* More specific information on the Malkavian Madness Network
* Knowledge of the names and reputations of most well-known Malkavians.
* Some stories about Malkav.
* Whispers about the possibility that Arcadia is accessible.
* Ancient loyalties of the clan in relation to other clans.
* You may have access to information gleaned from malkavian seers, about gehenna. behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
Alla likheter med verkliga personer är påhittade.

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