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Lore - Nosferatu

1. Overground

* Nosferatu are the ugly ones and they like to collect information
* You know who the local Nosferatu are, but only those who often show up in public
* You know they can hide in plain sight, speak to animals, and can be very strong
* You know they often live in sewers and out of the way places

2. Peeking

* They say that the Nosferatu appearance is part of a curse, if you believe that sort of thing
* The Nos seem to have a deeper reason for collecting information
* There are rumours that the Nos are watching for something, and they're all paranoid
* The Nosferatu can often get you dirt on just about anyone in the city
* You've heard that the nosferatu keep communications globally over the computer

3. Getting Your Feet Wet

* You know that the Sabbat and Camarilla Nosferatu will often meet in their Warrens to exchange information unrelated to sect
* You've heard they're watching for Nosferatu specific hunters.
* Legend has it that they are of the same bloodline as the Nosferatu, but are even more twisted, more bestial
* You've heard that the nosferatu breed animal ghouls
* You know that Schreknet exists, and this is how the nosferatu exchange information

4. Up to Your Eyeballs

* You've heard the story that Nosferatu was cursed for his betrayal of Caine, along with other versions and details of the tale
* You now know that the Nameless Ones are called "Niktuku," are are thought to hunt Nosferatu
* You know that many Nosferatu have strange features that can also be an advantage
* You've head that the Gargoyles were created from blood of Nosferatu mixed with other things by the Tremere

5. Underground

* You know all the stories of the origin of the clan, and have evidence to support your own particular version
* You know the legend that the Niktiku believe that if they kill off all the "normal" Nosferatu, their curse will be lifted
* You've heard that Baba Yaga, the crone of Russian legend, is one of the Nameless Ones, and the Nosferatu are very afraid
* You may have of other names of the Nictuku, including Abraxes, Lord of Mists, Nuckalavee the Skinless, Gorgo- She Who Screams in Darkness, Echnida the Mother of Foulness
* You know that the Nosferatu used to control the Order of Saint Lazarus, a branch of the Hospitallers that aided lepers.
* You've been hearing rumors of Nosferatu digging very deep into the earth, finding things they shouldn't behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
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