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Lore - Ravnos

1. Urchin

* You have heard that they are in some way related to Gypsies.
* Aware that people do not tend to trust most Ravnos.
* You know that the Ravnos do not ally themselves as a whole to other kinds of Vampires.
* You have heard that the Ravnos can create illusions and curse people
* Ravnos tend to be criminals of some sort and engage in trickery of all kinds

2. Pickpocket

* A lot of Ravnos are made from Gypsies.
* Honor between Ravnos and freedom are highly valued.
* Few people tell Ravnos where they can or cannot go, lest they invoke a Treatment.
* They and the vampires called Gangrel have a bitter enmity in their past.
* While Gypsy Curses are rare, Ravnos can create illusions. This power is called Chimerstry.
* You know that something terrible happened to most of the Ravnos and their numbers are now few

3. Breaking and Entering

* The Ravnos created in Europe tend to be from the Roma, though many of the American Ravnos are not.
* You know about the act and nature of Treatments and what they are used for
* You probably know a handful of Ravnos-related Roma words, such as: Kumpania, Gaje, Phralmulo, Kris, etc.
* The groups the Ravnos travel in are led by a Baro.

4. Assault and Battery

* You have heard of mortal Roma who call themselves by the name of Ravnos.
* You are familiar with many Ravnos legends
* You can name the gypsy famillies
* You have heard of a Path of Enlightenment among the Ravnos.
* You know of the Kris - the Ravnos court.
* You've heard rumors that Ravnos awoke, and this is what caused the death of many in the Clan

5. Espionage

* You know the history of the Ravnos clan and elements that exist outside the Gypsy history
* You've heard one or two legends of the origins of the bloodline.
* You know of the Week of Nightmares, what caused it, and what resulted from i behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
Alla likheter med verkliga personer är påhittade.

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