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First of all, keep in mind that the Haven Background is entirely optional. A player should not be forced to purchase this Background just to keep his character safe and hidden while the sun is up. The effect of certain other Backgrounds (such as Resources, Mentor, Fame and Status), can all include the character's access to a safe haven on any given day. A character with none of those other Backgrounds, however, can still have a perfectly reasonable haven as long as he has this Background. For instance, a character might not have enough money to afford a palatial mansion in today's economy, but if his great-grandmother left him one that had been fully paid for, there's no reason he can't remain in residence there.
The ratings in levels in this Background don't measure absolute values, but rather a scale of relative values. They might reflect how big your haven is, or how important it is to mortal or Kindred society. (If such is the case, the rating will also show how desirable it is to other Kindred and how badly they'll want to take it for themselves.) By the same token, the rating might reflect how well hidden the haven is from seekers or how well defended against trespassers. This rating can also reflect how conveniently located the haven is to the local Rack and the most popular sites of Elysium.
1. You stay in a seedy apartment in a dangerous and run-down, or you're hiding among a great many people with whom you do not fit. The slightest slip and you'll be discovered.
2. You've upgraded to renting a decent apartment, a modest condo or a small house. The neighborhood isn't great, but it's well clear of the Lupines' wilderness. People suspect that there's something funny about you, but they mind their own business for now.
3. You own the house you sleep in, or at least you never have to worry about making a house payment. The neighborhood is safe and kept up well. People have no reason to suspect that there's anything strange about you.
4. You have either a very large house, or a dilapidated mansion that no one else wants. 
5. Your haven is the equivalent of a well-maintained mansion. Remaining hidden and secure there isn't even in question. You'd have to actively try to let people find out about you here. behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
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