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Lore - Setite

1. Garter Snake

* You know that clans are distrustful of Setites
* You know that there is a God called Set, most Setites worship this God
* You know that Setites are called Snakes, and they have a unique snakey-like discipline
* You know that Setites keep temples
* You know that Setites don't like light
* You know that Setites are Independent

2. Corn Snake

* You know that Set is an Egyptian God and that he was equated with death and darkness
* You know that a Setite's purpose is to corrupt, because thats how Set wants it
* You know that Setite's are extremely sensitive to light, because of some part of the religion that has to do with Ra
* You know the Discipline Serpentis and can describe some of its effects

3. Black Snake

* You've heard that Setites often masquerade as other clans, and which ones are the easiest to inflitrate (Toreador is always a good one)
* You know that there is a third generation of vampires that are supposed to bring about Gehenna and that Setites work towards that end
* You have heard the legends about Set and Osiris and that they fought with each other
* You know that some setites practice a unique form of Sorcery
* You can describe in detail the Discipline Serpentis
* You know about the Serpents of the Light

4. Rattlesnake

* You've heard of many snippits of the history of the Clan, identify Ra, Set, and Osiris in the Setite mythos
* You have heard of the Paths of Set, that there are Typhonists, Ecstatics, and Sutekh
* You know that the 3rd generation have agents roaming around and that the 3rd generation shunned Set and this is why they are corrupt
* You know Setite Holidays and events that they represent

5. King Cobra

* You know all about the rivalry written in texts about Set and Osiris, you know of Isis and Nepthysis, you know of the Mummy Horus and the Cult of Isis.
* You are familiar with rituals and have studied extensively in Egyptology
* You can name Setite Cults
* You can name famous Setite Temples behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
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