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Stockholm by Night är ett vampyrlajv baserat på White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade - MET. För att kunna till fullo ta del av innehållet på sidan bör man ha en godkänd roll samt ett konto på den här sidan.

Kontakta spelledningen för genomgång av rollskapande, allmän info om Sthlm by Night, allmän info om lajv eller andra lajvrelaterade frågor.

Important information from GM!

Hello, everyone! 

As of tonight, we will accept no new players to the campaign until further notice, due to the huge number of active players in SbN (SO MUCH FUN!). 

We have a dialogue with a few new players who will be larping with us from now on, i.e., if you've gotten an answer from the GM's by e-mail or Messenger, you're still on! But beyond those players, we're putting a stop to new applications. We will announce when we start accepting new players again. 


Ea Malmberg, 2019-11-14

Lajvet 2 november

Please join us at our
Wedding Ceremony


On the 2nd of November, 2019
At Riddarholmskyrkan
Dresscode: Creative Black Tie
Dresscode will be enforced

Reception to follow
As per usual the larp takes place at Studiefrämjandet, with mandatory introduction round 6pm.
Game masters are availible to book from 3 pm, by following link:
The larp will not involve the actual wedding ceremony – instead the setting will be the reception after the wedding! Not every character will have attended the ceremony, but all are welcome to the reception! Information about the ceremony will be given during the intro meet. You want to follow the wedding theme? Go for red, black or gold!
As mentioned in the invite, the dresscode will be enforced. If your character can’t or won’t adhere to the dresscode, bring a suit (and shirt and tie!) or dress OFF game (don’t forget shoes!). The hosts will make sure you dress for the occasion when you arrive! 

The aim of the larp (at least officially) is to have a great and happy wedding party. Your character is personally invited by either David Camden or Aria Constanza. The invitation above is only sent to those who are to attend the ceremony.

Bring party things! Bring bottles of bubbles, bring confetti and sparkles and shiny lights!

Ea Malmberg, 2019-10-25

Lajvet 19 oktober

Come hang with your douchebags and douchebaguettes.

By now it has been far too long since we had a proper afterparty.
Join the rejects and the daughters in a night of relaxation, imbition and libation.

Dress like you wanna dress.
If you break shit you buy it. Simple as that.
And in the spirit of feminism, strippers and prosts are left for another night.

//The Devils Rejects
As per usual the larp takes place at Studiefrämjandet, with mandatory introduction round 6pm.
Game masters are availible to book from 3 pm, by following link: 

Ea Malmberg, 2019-10-15

Lajvet 5 oktober

The Virtue of Sin

The harpies of Stockholm courteously invite 
the kindred of the Camarilla to a night of
carnal pleasure and sin. 

The night is in the name of the seven deadly sins and
we expect everyone to be in their best and most
adventurous mood. 

Dress as your sin and don't hold back.
The hosts proclaim that during this night
everyone is free from the shackles of status.
But remember a hurt and cornered  animal is a dangerous one. 
Frolic with that in mind.

All guests are required to follow the instructions
of the Lords and Ladies of Sin.
Let them help you to challenge yourself.

Don't be late: 
This is a special larp that will be held at a different location than our usual one.
The harpies invites you all to this special larp in the campaign, that will be held in a different location than our usual one. The off-larp vision: To bring forth the darker thematic, to allow players to dare play on the monstrous and cruel part of the kindred world. We urge you to challenge yourself and step away from the cossy security that you may usually play in. We would like you to challenge your maybes, to lift and give room to play on something new with your character.
The theme of the larp is “The seven deadly Sins”.

Lord and Ladies
During the larp we are going to use a meta technique that involves characters with the title lords and ladies of sin. There will be seven people during the larp who will represent a sin. They will be marked by a ribbon with the color corresponding with the sin they are representing. These people will carry the title of lords or ladies of for example pride.
We encourage people to play extra on the sin if that sin is closer to you. So for example, if Lady of Envy sits down by your side, maybe you become more envious about something. These lords and ladies can also give instructions or whisper influential words in your ear. We encourage that you follow these words to the best of your abilities and in a way that will give a better gaming experience for you and others.
We are going to have some guests on this larp who are not ordinary players in SBN. They will be playing humans and with everything that comes with it. Make sure that these people are taken care of off game and involve them as much as you can in the larp.

Practical information:
This larp will cost 100 kr extra per person.
Use these options to pay:
swish 1232138097
bank giro 5787-400
Last day for payment is: 1/10

Location: Jakobsbergs Gård, Odd Fellowvägen 18-22, 127 32 Skärholmen

Regular players are welcome 16:30, and at 17:00 we have out mandatory introduction meeting. If you are late, it is important that you contact the organizers in some way.
Please come as changed and ready as you can, there will not be much time for off-things like makeup. You cannot occupy the toilets for hours.
We ask you to eat something before you get to the larp to avoid a lot of garbage. If you bring something with you, make sure you take the garbage with you when you leave.

If you are feeling unsure about the safety words, game rules or signs for disciplines. Please contact your clan mentor and ask that person to help you.

Ea Malmberg, 2019-09-27

Lajvet 21 september

You get the invitation in your email, chat, or texted to your number:

"Hey there! Please join me this Saturday for a night of lamentation. Bring your own alcohol. We shall drink and dance until it's time to go back to your coffins. /Eva; and family will be there, too."

There's an address attached - a flat in an apartment building close to Södra Station on Södermalm.

As per usual the larp takes place at Studiefrämjandet, with mandatory introduction round 6pm.
Game masters are availible to book from 3 pm, by following link: 

Clan Malkavian would like to invite you into some play involving different coping strategies.

How does your character cope? Which mechanism she applied when she faced the Embrace? How does he deal with losing humanity? How do they handle the loss of family, friends, allies and clanmates that often occur in unimaginably cruel fashion?

Some examples of positive coping strategies: seeking support; humor; problem-solving; altruism; symbolisation.

Some examples of maladaptive coping mechanisms: escape; denial; unhealthy self-soothing (alcohol, drugs); compulsions and risk-taking; self-harm.

Ea Malmberg, 2019-09-20 behandlar ej verkliga händelser. Sida har med lajvet Stockholm by Night att göra och är en del av ett levande rollspel.
Alla likheter med verkliga personer är påhittade.

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